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    We are developing a email client application using JavaMail API 1.3EA on JDK1.4.
    We were thrown javax.mail.MessagingException with the description--'Unable to load the bodystructure' in when we are trying to call getContent() or for that matter any method on the message which has a email message attached to it as part of its body(MIME-message/rfc822) .
    But the message seems to be fine,since we tested reading the message from other mail implementations using perl.
    Any ideas??
  2. Hi,
        Before u retrieve the mail, Check the MIME Content of the mail, then use appropriate else if conditions to send the control.
    {//plain text message
    else if(message.isMimeType("text/html"))
    {//Html text message

    Like this u can include many more conditions,

    Hope this solves ur problem..