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    Our company has a couple of J2EE systems in production already. Now we plan to add managed contents to some of the JSP pages. We have evaluated Vignette CMS system for a couple moths. Another group even implemented their CMA, CDA's already. When we try to integrate VCMS with our existing J2EE system to provide High availability and fail-over protection, we found there are some gups we can't fill in. My question here is what other content management systems are available out there that is more J2EE compatible than VCMS.
  2. Here is a result of a quick research via Google:

    Documentum, Interwoven, eBT, eGrail, Eprise, FatWire, FileNET, Gauss Interprise, IntraNet Solutions, Openpages and Starbase.

  3. Can you give me some more information please. We are moving in the same direction. Similar to your case, our company has many products deployed in production using J2EE. Our product uses Vignette Application Portal running on Tomcat. We are about to evaluate VCMS from vignette as well. Can you give us some information about what did not work for you and what other options did you consider ?

    Madhav Deverkonda