new to TSS - how to search forums?


TSS feedback: new to TSS - how to search forums?

  1. new to TSS - how to search forums? (4 messages)

    I just joined TSS and I can't figure out how to search the discussion groups? Is there a way to just search the discussions?

    Brian author of FileNabber
  2. Brian,

    There is no way to just search the forums. Our search engine sucks unfortunately, but enhancements in the works.

  3. Not only is it impossible to search the forums, it is NOT productive to search the web site in general.

    I wanted to find a discussion of "Why I Hate Entity Beans" which I had read previously.
    I tried to use the general search service for the site, labelled "Search TheServerSide". I used "hate" as the search term. The service returned about 40 results but none was the one that I wanted.

    This is a pity. You have a great site but it is very hard to find things, so much of it is wasted.

    J. Lauer
  4. Google solves all:

    1. Go to google
    2. In search box type "hate entity beans"
    3. Click on "I'm feeling lucky"
    4. This will take you to a TSS logout page. On the right navbar is the link you want.

  5. Of course, you could save yourself the trouble. Here's the direct link.