JMX In Action Chapters 2 and 14 Available for Public Review


News: JMX In Action Chapters 2 and 14 Available for Public Review

  1. Chapters 2 and 14 from Manning's "JMX In Action" have been posted for public review. In chapter 2, you will manage your first resource, create a simple JMX agent, and communicate with the agent from a web browser. Chapter 14 shows you how to combine JMX with your Enterprise JavaBeans and monitor your enterprise applications.

    Download and Review Chapters 2 and 14 from "JMX In Action" Here
  2. One slight problem with Chapter 2 - it talks about the JMX 1.0.1 RI, whereas has the 1.1 RI.

    There may be substantial differences, enough to make ch 2 pretty much unusable. I'll give it a bash anyway, though.
  3. I just fitted a basic JMX interface onto my current app, using the examples in this chapter as a temnplate. Very, very easy to do. Using the supplied HTML adapter, it's surprisingly powerful.

    Impressed so far.
  4. So what am I missing? I still haven't found anything that shows me who fit it into an existing app.
  5. There's enough in chapter 2 to get you going.

    What I've done is embed an MBeanServer inside my app, and written a handful of simple MBeans which call existing methods within my app (e.g. set a debug flag). The beans are then exposed using the HTML adapter.

  6. That is what I thought. It never really says how to use it so I wasn't sure. I'm not using EJBs so using JNDI doesn't help. I have standard java classes that are used by servlets. I don't want to restart the 'web apps' but I do need to dynamically change parameters or tell the class to reload the properties (which is not good because the class has an object not a path).

    I'll give this a shot.

    Which JMX implementation are you using? I've downloaded IBM's the opensource one and Sun's - mostly looking for clues.

  7. I'm just using the Sun reference implementation. The only sun-specific class I've used so far is the HtmlAdapterServer.
  8. The MBean you created - Does that control your class or does your class implement the interface and is the MBean?
  9. I made no changes to the app's existing classes. I have a seperate JMX package which contains the MBeans, which pull the existing strings in the app.
  10. I must be getting dense in my 'old' age. I don't see anywhere in the book (or anywhere else) that shows me how to do this. This is what I need to be able to do.
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