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    Hi *,

    I am having problems running the BMP variant of ECperf on JBoss against Oracle. It looks like JBoss does not execute the INSERT statements in the ejbCreate() methods of WorkOrderBmpEJB properly - indeed, it does not report a failure during ejbCreate, but later when the ejbStore method is called, the UPDATE issued there fails, as no updateable row was found.

    However, this happens only with the WorkOrder entity bean. Everything else is running smoothly. But in a given ten-minute run, there where only 4 WorkOrders inserted successfully into the DB, so that any run results are invalid.

    Are there other that have experienced the same? I am using JBoss 2.4.6, Oracle 9i with JDBC drivers for Java 1.4, and the ECperf 1.1 for BMP.

    Thanks a lot for your ideas,

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    OK, we found that problem by ourselves. It is hidden in the SQL UPDATE statements issued in ejbStore...