I am developing a J2EE application using Websphere Application Server version 4.0. We are using NT as the development platform and Suse Linux (on IBM Mainframe) as the deployment platform.

What I am trying to do is, on the deployment machine, when I install a new application version, I want to preserve the previous installation as well inorder to be able to rollback quickly incase of a problem.

Here is what I do

1. Create a new application server instance for the new version
2. Install the Enterprise application

In step 2, when just after the EJB step the installation tells me that I the jndi names already exist in the naming service which may be the case because I have an older version which was not removed.

The weird part is that on NT, I deploy two different versions in the same way and it work. I put an additional print in the new version (in the ejb) and that showed up in the new application and does not show when i access the previous version.

The only other different (apart from the platform) is version of Webphere. Development platform run 4.0.1 and deployment runs 4.0.2.

Has any one run into similar issues and if so whats the solution.

P.S: I am not doing a JNDI lookup from my code. Instead I use Access beans which are generated by tools like Visual Age and WASD. The access bean inturn does a JNDI lookup for me.

Thanx a lot