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    Hi ,
    I am working on a project , which have already been developed by using Servlet/JSP . Now client wants to convert the same into a 3-tier architecture.

    The database desing is also in highly Normalized form(upto 3rd level in many case).

    Ideally i should design the EJBs from use-case ( say the available front-end for simplicity in my case).

    If i go for designing EJB from ERD then will there a big problem in later stage? In my idea it may lead to a big performace issue .

    What are the drawbacks of this approach ?
    Can anybody give some link addressing this issue ?

    Ashim Chakraborty
  2. Hi Ashim,

      I feel why not you refer MVC (model-view-controller)
      design patteren or refer PET STORE design.
      We used Model Stateless session bean for corresponding
      JSP and Servlet to delegate request to EJB. Now it's upto
      you how u want to implement these.

      U can send me mail if you need my help...


    Arun Sethia

    sethia_jain at yahoo dot com