New TSS Article "Using J2EE to Drive J2ME Applications" Posted


News: New TSS Article "Using J2EE to Drive J2ME Applications" Posted

  1. A new article by David Hemphill, "Using J2EE to Drive J2ME Applications" has been posted on TheServerSide. This article introduces a number of communication models for wireless applications. It looks at alternatives to the MVC pattern, and how JMS can be used for asynchronous communication between wireless clients and a J2EE server.

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  2. David's article is a good introduction to the issues surrounding J2ME/J2EE intergration.

    If you are interested in understanding "real-world" J2ME/J2EE application integration at a lower level, you may find the "Strategies For J2ME MIDP/J2EE Integration Over HTTP" article on the Developnet web site useful. The article can be found within the J2ME technical PDF library.

    Furthermore, Developnet has released an open source project, kCommand, which provides an ultra-lightweight framework for J2ME clients to execute remote command on J2EE server. A beta version is available for immediate download on the web site.

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  3. Nice article, illustrates the problems with reliability and store-forward nicely. The idea of the aysnchronous model is also good.

    Of course I say so, since our product iBus//Mobile does exactly what is mentioned in this article, and much more. And hence it's all there, for you to start using out of the box !


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