The Middleware Company Announces J2EE Patterns Course


News: The Middleware Company Announces J2EE Patterns Course

  1. The Middleware Company is pleased to announce its most advanced training course offering yet: an intensive 5-day course, purely on the subject of J2EE Patterns. The course takes an applied look at the most successful patterns and best practices in use in the J2EE community today, as well as anti-patterns, pattern frameworks, tools, and more.

    Check out The Middleware Company's J2EE Patterns Course.

    Students will construct a J2EE application with ever-evolving requirements. Ant, Middlegen, and Xdoclet will be used in conjunction with pattern-implementing frameworks to generate the bulk of the code. Students will work at the pattern and implementation levels simultaneously; with their time being spent learning how patterns can best be used together and making architectural decisions based on their new knowledge. Through discussing their choices and comparing their solutions with other students, the less-effective choices or anti-patterns will also be discovered.

    Press Release

    AUSTIN, TX (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 18, 2002 — Over the past few months, community has clamored for more knowledge about J2EE Patterns. In response to this, The Middleware Company is pleased to announce its most advanced training course offering yet: an intensive 5-day course, purely on the subject of J2EE Patterns.

    This is no ordinary training course. J2EE Patterns is a hardcore, advanced training course for the seasoned J2EE programmer. It requires knowledge of J2EE programming, and is chock-full of hands-on lab exercises where students gain experience programming with J2EE Patterns.

    These classes can help accelerate developers' careers, as well as help their companies' projects. With well-trained Enterprise Java programmers, organizations have a greater chance of getting projects completed faster, having well-architected systems, and successful projects. Because of this, organizations may want to consider sponsoring their developers to register into these classes.

    The Middleware Company is currently very limited in the number of instructors qualified to lead this course, and is thus only offering this training course in selected cities at first. Students are encouraged to register early to confirm their seat in the class.

    If you are a developer that may be interested, consider speaking to your manager about registering into our classes. You can find out more by visiting us on the web at:

    You can also email us at:

    Or you can call (877) 866-JAVA.


    The Middleware Company specializes in advanced enterprise Java technology training and consulting. Founded in 1998 to assist corporations migrating to the Java platform to improve the success of e-Commerce projects, it helps among the world's largest organizations including BEA, Oracle, Borland/Inprise, Cisco, Nextel, MetLife, Sterling Commerce, Standard & Poors, and many others to reduce risks and sustain cost-efficiency by building proficiency in a Java expertise. Instructors are expert architects with deep development experience and strong server-side skills, as well as notable thought leaders in the field. Services include on-site training in Java, EJB, J2EE, and XML-based Web Services, architecture consulting, and open enrollment courses held worldwide. Courseware is licensed outside North America. The Middleware Company also built and maintains, the leading online J2EE community.
  2. Hey, this is flattering news!

    I don't know what version of Middlegen you are using, but I highly recommend the CVS version. It has undergone many improvements sincw 1.0 and makes customisation a lot easier. Middlegen 1.1 will be released sometime in August.

    Good luck with your course!

  3. How is this different from your EJB for Architects class? I see a lot of overlaps there. Which one is the more advanced?


  4. They are both advanced.. the big differences are..

    * J2EE Patterns is a labs-heavy course on building J2EE systems with proper design patterns. Students gain hands-on practical experience with coding up J2EE Patterns within the context of building a J2EE system.

    * EJB for Architects is a discussion-heavy course on designing and architecting J2EE systems. Patterns are also mentioned here but the coding is light. The activities are more roundtable discussions and other activities rather than deep coding labs.
  5. The new course seems to fill a need for an advanced 'hands-on' J2EE course which was missing in the training market. One question I have is whether this is properly an EJB patterns or a J2EE patterns course. The title seems to indicate that the curriculum covers JSP and servlet patterns as well as EJB, which would appear to overlap with the JSP/Servelet course, no?

    The optimal curriculum might be to take J2EE Patterns followed by the EJB for architects course, though this would depend upon the individual. 'Puer' architects may wish to dispense with the patterns course, or those who are on a tight deadline and need to solidify the architecture on their project immediately.