If you are starting a Java Web, you should use MVC and Standard tags, this “kit” is a sample of “best” (at least good) practices.

It is MVC (Struts/Tiles)+JSTL +XSLT+ DAO (Open Source Data Access Object w/ SQL) + DB CRUD (Create update delete and SQL DLL scripts)+ J2EE Security ( to make Tomcat run like Apache )

It is KISS (you’ll see how simple and how very standard) , good practices Free Open Source Framework to develop any web app, with the aim of being 80% of any app, but done as simple as possible and easy to teach. Again, everything is standard and simple. And it is the fastest, most efficient way to develop maintainable code I know of.

Samples include CMS (Authorize content, XSLT, CMS Comments, sinkable, single sign on, etc.), Issue tracking, + more coming.

Please download and install and see if you want to attend. Details:

I use it to teach Struts + JSTL public and private classes. I epically teach WHY you should want to do something in a certain way, not just how.

To attend and see “best practices”
The seminar requires you know servlets, jsp, SQL, JDBC, and at least some MVC. (a plus is if you have already deployed and MVC web app in the past) Oh…it is $10.00 ( but free to baseBeans clients and/or apache.org committers.)

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Future plans include more docs, Dream weaver support, mail client, RSS feeds, BLOG, Shopping Cart Store, etc. etc.

Did I say everything is standard and as simple as possible?


“Always code to the least amount of astonishment”
- Elements of Java Style

“If you want to build a ship, do not order your men to gather wood and nails, but teach them to yearn for the open sea”