Coldbeans Software has announced a new release of Coldtags Tag Library. The suite provides 95+ custom
JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. The new version adds over 10 new components including a JMS taglib, JMX taglib, client side validation, as well as new custom tags similar to web controls in .NET framework.

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What's new:

- more than 10 new components such as JMS taglib, first on the market JMX taglib, client side validation, more .NET similar components like Label etc.
- massive updates in existing elements: new options, parameters and functionality. List of updated tags includes such popular tags as Calendar, DOM and Uploading too
- integration with our JSOS collection like tags for access to site stats

At this moment Coldtags suite is probably the largest collection of custom JSP tags over the Net and continues to grow.