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    In my bean implementations I have to extract certain fields from finder methods to put them in to ejb-ql's (I want to use CMP). eg;

    findByProductDefinitionAndRetrievalDate( ProductDefinition productDefinition, Calendar retrievalDate )

    in this finder I have to extract atributes using getters.

    Is it posible to do this in ejb-ql or do I have to make my ejb's BMP.


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    What do you mean by "in this finder I have to extract atributes using getters."?

    If you just want to use CMP and write a finder method that accepts the two specified parameters, go ahead and write it. You ejb-ql would look something like:

    Select Object(o) from table as o where productDefinition = ?1 and retrievalDate = ?2

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       The problem is the productDefinition is not the coresponding field in the DB and retrivalDate is a clender class and that has to be converted in to a TimeStamp for the quesry. I hope you understand...