Clients throwing ClassNotFoundExceptions for EJB interfaces.


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Clients throwing ClassNotFoundExceptions for EJB interfaces.

  1. I'm having a problem with WebLogic 6.1 and EJB interfaces not being found.

    I need to be able to hot/redeploy EJBs without restarting WebLogic and, of course, use the EJBs from client classes within a web application.

    The problem is that if I place the home and remote interfaces only to the EJB .jar file, the client classes are throwing ClassNotFoundExceptions. Then again, if I copy the interfaces to the web applications lib directory (included automatically in classpath upon startup), WebLogic says "MyEJB cannot be redeployed while the server is running (which I assume is due to the possibility that the interfaces in mywebapp/lib and myejb.jar become out of sync)...

    So, any ideas? Every one of them are highly appreciated!

  2. you can do this in couple of ways:

    a) hot deploy jar and wars (webside of things with ejb interfaces)

    b) deploy a ear file which consists of war and jar files
  3. Are you using local interfaces? If so the client of the local interface needs access to the implemntation xlass too