Browser resubmitting Request on its own!!


General J2EE: Browser resubmitting Request on its own!!

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    I have a Web Application, Websphere on AIX, using Servlets/JSP/Beans. Its uses Struts Framework.

    If a request is taking a too long to execute (around 2 minutes) (say some DB Query is running for a long time), Internet Explorer (5.0) is automatically RESUBMITTING the request. I can see in Webspheres log that the same request has been received twice. Also Browser shows it is resubmitting the request (from Status Bar). Currently there is no Clustering being done. We are operating on Single Servers.

    Any Ideas?
  2. Is it possible for u to put the code of the page u r submittingthe request from . Most probably it is to do with the code. I havent heard of any thing like re submitting by a browser or even a setting in a browser.
     And in case u have figured it already, PLEASE share it with all of us here on TSS