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       I have read in the docs that the JCA framework will enable our application to get integrated with the already existing EPR (Siebal,PeopleSoft etc).I have not worked on these giant ERP pakages but have an idea about the webbased ERP and CRM systems.I wanted to know how the adapters defined for particular Appserver will connect to the already existing ERP's and what does this mean?
      As per my understanding these giant names like SAP,Siebal,PeopleSoft does have the database and the bussiness logic which will fit for the company using it,I mean the SAP implementor would have configured the ERP after undestanding the bussiness needs of the Company.
     Now once we say that the JCA framework will connect to the ERP does it mean we will be able to get the data already present in these ERP and the frontend have to be developed again(I mean all the JSP) for making it web (browser-user agent ) enabled...
     Hope to get the corrections on this from the professionals
     regards vicky
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    The connector architecture enables an EIS(SAP, Maiframe etc )vendor to provide a standard resource adapter for its EIS. A resource adapter is a system-level software driver that is used by a Java application to connect to an EIS(like jdbc drivers for different databases). The resource adapter plugs into an application server and provides connectivity between the EIS, the application server, and the enterprise application..
    The JCA Framework is more or less similar to the JDBC APIs we use.One can get the connection to the legacy system using these APIs and we can process the output like any other legacy systems.And ofcourse we have to design the front services(JSPS) so that its web enabled.