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    BEA has released an ECPerf kit, providing the configuration files necessary to deploy and run ECperf on BEA WebLogic Server. With this add-on to the ECperf kit from Sun you can run ECPerf on *your* configuration.

    The kit also includes best practices explaining technical details and experience gained by BEA through its participation in ECperf effort.

    Download Suns ECPerf kit (required)

    Download the BEA Addon Kit

    For the latest ECperf results visit


    Have many of you tried running ECPerf tests on your appserver configurations?

    Can you get close to the numbers that the vendors get?

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  2. ECPerf, Sun ONE app server[ Go to top ]

    When will Sun submit an ECPerf score for the Sun ONE application server?

  3. ECperf Kit for WebLogic Server[ Go to top ]

    Good,but why not realize the ECperf 1.1?
  4. ECperf Kit for WebLogic Server[ Go to top ]

    I guess that's why:

    > o The last date for submitting results on ECperf 1.0 is
    > June 17.
    > o No result publication is permitted on ECperf 1.1 - see
    > Clause 8 of the specification for details
    (Taken from the Notes section on )

    Are these rules for real? I'm not convinced - even more so as the official reason for discontinuing ECperf is that SPEC is supposed to have taken over development. See on how far they've come yet...

  5. ECperf is dead?[ Go to top ]

    This seems really, really odd doesn't it? The spec people seem to have done nothing with SpecjAppServer or whatever, and ECperf seems to have stopped publication of any results. Am I missing something here?

    Until very recently Oracle at least were really pushing their ECperf figures in advertising in the UK.

    I thought that the ECperf figures were a pretty good benchmark really (despite all the flaws that these things always have) and am sorry to see us in limbo like this.
  6. ECperf is dead?[ Go to top ]

    Having poked a bit into WebLogic's ECPerf numbers,and BEA's approach to the data stomping issue, i must say i can only look at this kit with deep scepticism.Oh, for some REAL numbers...
  7. ECperf is dead?[ Go to top ]

    As theServerSide claims to be the official home of ECperf, it would be nice if someone from the staff could post a statement on this one...

    Thanks in advance,