CMP Entity Beans vs. Enterprise Objects Framework


EJB design: CMP Entity Beans vs. Enterprise Objects Framework

  1. I'm currently looking at EJB alternatives and so far Apple's EOF (Enterprise Objects Framework) (which is part of WebObjects) is very interesting. I'm curious if anyone has any experiences with it. Apple isn't promoting it, but it does seem to be a solid product that is quite mature (about 10 years old). It was from NeXT at some point.

    If you are interested in it, there is a tutorial showing how to use it with Struts & JBoss at:

  2. I spent a year or so doing WebObjects development and can only say that Apple could have wiped the floor with EOF. It's been around years, long before J2EE, and is pretty much the same thing albeit via a fantastic tool.

    Basically the EOF modeller tool lets you draw you object model and define attribute types, primary keys, relationships, flattened relationships, fetch limits, you name it (think TopLink but better - in my opinion) and then you have two button to hit. Button A creates the database schema and button B generates your Java code, and off you go.

    However I can't remember if EOF supported distributed objects, and transactions were fairly cludgey but for a small / medium application is was heaven. There were rumours for a long time that EOF was going to be changed to be J2EE compliant but I don't know if this happened (maybe I should read the press releases).

    I hope they do launch it as a Entity Bean development tool.

  3. Thank you for your insight on EOF, it makes me feel a bit better about it. Not many people are using it so it's hard to get a feel for it. I'm also evaluating Apache's OJB. So far OJB works and is easy to get going, but it's definitely not a mature product. But I have a lot of confidence in Apache projects in general. So I hope to make my choice between the two after evaluating EOF (soon I hope).