IBMs IDE - Visual Age or Websphere Application Studio?


General J2EE: IBMs IDE - Visual Age or Websphere Application Studio?

  1. IBM seems to have two IDEs. Visual Age and Websphere studio? Which one is one supposed to use? Is Visual Age going to be discontinued?

    1) Visual Age - They say
    "Build Web-enabled enterprise applications with IBM's award-winning Java development environment, VisualAge® for Java™. It’s a key element of the IBM Framework for e-business, your roadmap to e-business success. VisualAge leads the industry with proven support for building and testing Java applets, servlets, and Enterprise JavaBeans components. And it’s the only Java development environment that supports the development and management of Java programs that can scale from Windows NT™ to OS/390® application servers."

    2)Websphere Studio - for Application Development
    They say "IBM WebSphere® Studio Application Developer is an easy-to-use, integrated development environment for building, testing, and deploying J2EE™ applications"
  2. WSAD is now a combination of Visual Age and WebSphere Studio. They used to be two seperate products, VA for pure Java code (Applets, Servlets, EJB's etc..) and Studio for HTML, JSP etc. I dont think VA will continue on its own anymore.

    Now its all in one with different "perspectives" for different types of developers. Ive used VA for a few years and Ive now switched to WSAD. There are things I like and things I dont like. IMO, The main pro is that its all integrated, so there is not so much a disconnect when writing the different layers of your app (ex: jsp's can use intellisense to find methods of your middle tier objects). Also, WSAD does makes web service development a breeze, if your doing that. You can expose methods of existing classes as SOAP services with no coding at all (just like .NET :)).

    The main con is that it is slow and the UI is somewhat confusing for awhile.

    Hope this helps,