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    I want to use Java and XML to do the following:

    I have 2 web pages that display some similar content.

    The first page should display one column (say x) from the database table and the second page should display x column and y and z columns.

    How do I do this? Shld I just write in the servlet instead of PrintWriter pw = response.getWriter();

    PrintWriter pw = response.getWriter();

    If I directly include the xslt file like it is normally done when we create a xml page how will it accept diffeent xslt for different pages? if the xslt file is placed on server will it accept the different xslt for both pages?

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    This article has code related to your question:
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    Hey thanks for the link. I will check it out.
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    Be sure to call
    before you call
    PrintWriter pw = response.getWriter();