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    We are using TomCat server 3.2.3 Server , can we have connection pooling for beans and if its possible how to configure the pool

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    I am assuming when u say beans u mean EJB, Tomcat is not a EJB container. So u will need a app server like JBoss in order to do that
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    You don't need connection pools for just EJB's. Pooling is important for just about any system using JDBC (via Java Beans, NOT just EJB's).

    As for the actual pooling, with tomcat versions _before_ 4x I usually used Poolman connection pooling system (you can get it at Very well designed system, fast, configurable, and easy to use.

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    I am aware that you can use other tools for connection pooling in tomcat. I had thought the in the original question bean meant Enterprise Java Beans