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    I've been reading alot on how responsibility driven design is the way to go but when looking at EJB it seems that it is forcing you into a data driven Design approach. I must admit that I find data driven designing much easier to get started on and it seems to fit much better into EJB. Does anyone out there use the reponsibility way of doing things, and if so how do you warp EJB to achieve it?
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    I don't quite get your point about EJBs being data-driven. How about a session facade pattern? Data-driven? I'd say it's closer to a responsibility based design where the session facade delegates responsibilities of a bigger task to several smaller units behind the scenes based on their expertise (or responsibility).

    I must admit that when you look at a service API provided by a typical EJB layer does seem like a data-centric approach but that's just the interface -- you can design the inner workings as you wish, may it be responsibility based or not.