Kawa 5.0 IDE now supports JSP tags


News: Kawa 5.0 IDE now supports JSP tags

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    Kawa 5.0 Enterprise Edition is in beta 4 and includes a JSP authoring tool. The JSP tool helps the user in generating JSP files from HTML files, edit JSP files with support for EJBs and JavaBeans. These are the features supported in this release:

     - Ability to read JSP files.
     - Ability to reflect JavaBeans (both Jar and Class files) and Enterprise Java Beans from WebLogic and J2EE RI.
     - Support for the following JSP tags:
          * Declarations
          * Expressions
          * Scriplets
          * Include Directives
          * Page Directive
          * jsp:getProperty
          * jsp:setProperty
          * jsp:useBean
     - Support for loop constructs.

    Kawa 5.0 Beta 4 is available for download from:

     - Features that will be supported soon:
          * Support for html tags.
          * Cut and Paste of JSP elements.
          * Single class loading.
          * User Preferences.
          * Support for Include.
  2. I use Kawa 4.10a on my current project. I think it's a great little IDE ... I usually recommend it as "not getting in the way". I wish they'd fix some of the glaring UI bugs before adding new features.
  3. I've been using JGrasp from Auburn University (http://www.eng.auburn.edu/department/cse/research/grasp) for about six months now, and it is a good minimal editor with several nice features as well, but it is a little resource hungry (even on my 800Mhz P3 with 256MB). What UI bugs are in Kawa? Are they severe enough to not even bother evaluating it?
  4. No, Kawa is a fine product, but its rough around the edges. You should evaluate it for sure. One of my team members thinks Kawa is the best IDE they've ever used ... I think it is the most reasonable and least intruisive.

    By comparison, IDEs like VisualAge and JBuilder are resource hogs. Cafe (which I haven't used in years) is unstable. Kawa rarely crashes, largely because its a thin wrapper around the JDK command line tools, and because it isn't itself written in Java. Wipe that shocked expression off your face.
  5. Just checking...

    Is there an implication that VisualAge is written in Java? My understanding is that it was written using SmallTalk. And yes JBuilder is written in Java, but that also makes it easier for it to be available on the same platforms where Java is.

    Unfortunately, there are always tradeoffs. Java itself is one great big set of tradeoffs.

    Maybe if Java ever get included on a chip/add on card, it would be processed quicker by our PCs/Workstations.

  6. Kawa 5 is a great IDE. EJB support is fine. I was also able to create sessionbeans on the fly with the wizard, with entitybeans not the same. The wizard is not working properly. I think that will be fixed in the stable version.

    Also version controlling is very simple. I integrarted Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe with Kawa and it works fine :)