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    The first book on the Java Standard Tag Library, JSTL in Action, has been released. The book was written by the JSTL reference implementation lead, Shawn Bayern. The book covers all the features of JSTL, from simple loops to tricky XML processing. JSTL was standardized by the Java Community Process, and it will provide a foundation for JSP 2.0.

    Check out JSTL in Action on amazon.

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    You can buy the ebook version of the book in PDF form for $17 at http://www.manning.com/ebook_buy.html?project=feldman

    I bought it a few days ago and is very helpful since the JSTL examples from the jakarta site and the jwsd pack are trivial and do not fully explain the new scripting language.
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    Hi Aaron. I'm glad you're finding the book's examples useful! I very much wanted the examples to be thorough and representative of real-world applications, so I'm glad you're finding them helpful.

    Just a quick note - the URL to buy the JSTL in Action ebook from Manning is actually http://www.manning.com/ebook_buy.html?project=bayern

    By the way, if you've got a moment, it's great to post a review at Amazon - it helps spread the word about JSTL.


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    Just to be clear, JSTL is not the same as Jakarta Taglibs. This is a common point of confusion among people who are new to both.

    JSTL is a standard from the Java Community Process, like JSP and Servlets. Jakarta Taglibs is an open-source project. The Jakarta Taglibs project happens to host a free implementation of JSTL, but other groups and vendors have (or will soon have) their own implementations as well.

    Tags in Jakarta Taglibs are not all standard. For instance, the "Request Taglib," or the "XTags Taglib," are open-source offerings, not standards. Only the "Standard Taglib" at Jakarta is representative of JCP standards.

    -- Shawn Bayern
    JSTL reference-implementation lead