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    because it seems anyone can post anything there as a "pattern". There are numerous things posted there that are either not patterns, or have already been addressed by some other technology or pattern. Additionally, many of the patterns end up not being a great idea.

    I like the idea of a patterns section, but I think it needs some moderation. This would probably be a large change to TSS, but it seems that there should be a "Proposed Patterns" place, whereby feedback can be gathered, and posters can decide whether or not the proposal is a pattern, and is a good pattern. At that point, based on the moderation, the pattern could be moved to the "Patterns" section.

    As it stands now, the Patterns section gives the appearance of a catalogue of useful patterns, but really doesn't contain all that many...

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    You can say that again, I agree 100% =) ... and what about a frameworks section? ... I think that would make a good addition to TSS.


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    I agree I think there should be some structure to the patterns section. At the moment it seens to be a huge flat list with links to the discussions on each pattern.

    It would be infinitely more useful if the "huge flat list" were categorised in some way (i.e. the way various patterns catalogues are categorised).

    Also I think the person posting the pattern should have to fill out a form that asks for the information found in the various other pattern catalogues (i.e the name, context, problem solved, relationships to other patterns etc,etc)
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    Dave, your comments have been heard and assimilated. I plan a big change to the patterns section, expect some changes by the end of the year. We are focusing all our attentions on getting this cluster launch out of the way now.