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    Hi everybody! i am university student trying to learn by myself the "J2EE world" and maybe this question could be silly.
    Do i have to install on my pc exclusively Windows 2000 Professional or NT to do my exercise with J2EE?
    Is it possible to use Windows ME?
    I have actually tried with Win ME but if i type j2ee in the command line i got some "not enough enviroment space available error" or "Synthax error". The environment variables are rightly set.
    Please i need help.
    Thank you in advance
  2. Hey, Im a college student too, kinda learning the ropes... I played with the win95 branch of windows and j2ee for a littel while and there are 2 things you should check. First is that all of the .exe fiels and .bat files in the bin folders for both jdk and j2ee should have their environment space maximized. You can right click on each one of these individually and select properties. Then there is a drop down box for envirnoment space which you should set to the max value. Its been a while so that might not be completely accurate but its close. Really though win2k or a unix machine are much better places to try but I know how a budget in college goes. Hope that helps. I don't know the syntax error without more info.
  3. thank you for your help...but it's not enough:-(
    it still doesn't work...
    in ME only the .bat files(i set their memory to 4096) can be set with enviroment memory and the .exe can not be set to the desired value of memory...
    if i type on the command line j2ee -verbose i got this:

    invalid command or file name
    no more environment space
    no more environment space
    no more environment space
    no more environment space
    syntax error
    syntax error
    invalid command or file name

    (sorry for the bad traslation...i don't have an english OS:-))

    i still need help....
  4. You should look at why the "invalid command" and "syntax error" messages are being thrown.

    I presume you are running a file called j2ee.bat or j2ee.cmd. Can you comment out the "echo off" line and run it again? This will show you what commands are being executed.
  5. I did run j2ee on a WIndows 98 machine for a bit and I do know some people who do, but I'd recommend that you upgrade the OS to Win2000 or WinXP. The problem is that to be fully effective in learning and running a J2EE environment for development purposes, you're going to need a bunch of additional tools such as a database server like MySQL, possibly OpenLDAP if you want an LDAP server, etc. Unfortunately, in my experience, an OS like Windows 98 or Windows ME won't handle that load very well.