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    We have a project with different developers working on different CMP2.0 entity beans having container managed relationships with each other. We are using JDeveloper's latest EJB2.0 wizard to create entity beans from tables and generate ejb-jar.xml and other app server specific xml files. Since most of these entity beans have container managed relationships with each other, they need to be in the same ejb-jar.xml. How should we organize our work so that different developers can work on their specific entity beans and still use the wizard to consolidate deployment properties of these beans into one ejb-jar.xml without having to manually copy and paste portions of individual ejb-jar.xml file into one?
  2. What version control system do you use? You probably need to do the version-control equivalent of double-checked-locking, as described below.

    - Developer fetches the latest snapshot of the file into his work dir and edits it.
    - When he is ready to check it back in, he locks the file.
    - After locking it, he checks whether it has changed since the snapshot he picked up. i.e., whether someone else has checked in a new version while he was working on the snapshot
    - If no, he checks in the file he has changed.
    - If yes, he retrofits the changes he has made. Since in your case each developer owns a different EJB, there should not be any overlaps in the file, so this shouldn't be difficult.

    Hope that helps and I have not been totally off the mark...