Microsoft .Net is four years behind Java


News: Microsoft .Net is four years behind Java

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    Mark Driver, research director for ebusiness technologies at Gartner, said Microsoft has failed in its first battle to kill Sun Microsystems' Java, but the war for control of the multi-billion dollar application development market is not over.

    This bold statement and other Gartner forcasts on the future of Java were published in two articles on

    Read Gartner on Java part 1/2: Java programmers are two expensive.
    Read Gartner on Java part 2/2: >.NET is behind Java.
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  3. how about including part one of the story where it talks about that 50% of all new projects will be java, but 70% will not see the light of day???
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  8. This thread : might also be of interest in the - J2EE vs M$ .NET debate...
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