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    I've to build an e-learning system for my University (I'm a just graduate student in charge of everything on this prj
    without any "EJB senior support").
    I've already read all the threads but I still have some doubts.
    This system needs to be scalable and it will have thousand of concurrent users.
    I have a lot of read-mostly stuff, so I think I need to cache this kind of information...BTW I'm using CMP.
    My concerns about this point are basically on determining the size of this cache. Ok I know that it depends on my memory but I would like to have some direction like the percentage of memory that I can estimate for my static hashtables ecc...
    Another issue is about user permissions (business rules permissions not JAAS security). I think to retrive on demand the resource (lesson,course information...) with all the permission for it in one step and cache it. After that I'll check the user creditals(group, roles...I hope that user information could be cache automatically
    using CMP) agains this cache.
    Am I going in the right way ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Angela,

    If you are going to be clustering you might want to take a look at Tangosol's Coherence product. It will allow you to cache the data, lock and unlock "rows", as well as distribute the memory usage across the JVMs when using the Distributed Cache.

    Rob Misek