Popular IDE for Java? JBuilder/WSAD/Visual Age/ Rational XDE


General J2EE: Popular IDE for Java? JBuilder/WSAD/Visual Age/ Rational XDE

  1. Knowing that there are tremendous number of IDES...What is a good IDE to learn for Java ?

    JBuilder I know is good but I am not sure how many jobs are out that that require JBuilder. Visual Age 4 is going to be removed and outdated and the other choice from IBM is Websphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD).

    When I give a search on monster.com for WSAD and JBuilder.. JBuilder jobs seem far lesser than Visual Age or WSAD...

    Also there is a new one from Rational i.e Rational XDE. I have got a free copy of this one from Rational (trial ofcourse)

    Which from your experience is a good one?


  2. I believe nobody sticks to a particular IDE as any enterprise requires editing different files other than Java
    files and integrating the whole.

    If you are really need one only for Java JBuilder is popular and now also look at IDEA form intellij at
    www.intellij.com seems to be better one and integrates many stuff that are required for enterprise
  3. Hi,
          we r using Oracle JDevloper9i release 2 and i think its good for EJB and other Java releated things.

  4. intellij seems okay for jsp and html from the way the product is described on the website.. they dont mention servlets either..