How to call stateless session bean from a servlet or JSP


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  1. First of all tell me when to use EJB and when to use only Jsps and sevlets??
    Can anyone help me out on this???
    How can I call thestateless session from a jsp and how do I transfer the parameters from jsp/servlet to Session bean???
    plz help
  2. To answer your first question ... if you've ever heard of the MVC (Model-view-controller) pattern or n-tier pattern of development, then the JSP/Servlets are the 'View' part of it - or the 'Presentation' layer in the n-tier system. Meaning, they are primarily responsible just for displaying the data & accepting input. To some extent JSP/Servlets can be 'Controllers', i.e. they can control/define the flow of an application.

    However, it is bad design to put your 'Model' part (i.e. the 'business logic' part) in JSP/Servlets. That is what you use the EJBs for. EJBs (Session/Entity/Message) should ideally be used to handle the business rules part of your app. This allows your app to easy to maintain when there are changes & also provides you with all benefits of the J2EE architecture - i.e. scalability, security, pooling, transactions, distribution, messaging & naming.

    My advice ? Try to put display logic in JSP/Servlets & put your business logic in EJBs - easy as pie.

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