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    Without making this a 'my appserver is superior to your appserver' I would like to get some feedback on the scalability and performance of JBoss 3.0 vs. Jonas 2.5.

    I recently read a report 'Performance and scalability of EJB applications (pdf)' http://www.cs.rice.edu/~willy/papers/oopsla02.pdf on http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/Systems/DynaServer/index.html. One interesting aspect that I found in the article was the architectual comparison of EJB container approach. According to the article, JBoss uses dynamic proxy based containers, while Jonas utilizes pre-compiled containers. It was apparent from the benchmarks that Jonas scales better in part due to its approach on EJB container design.

    My question then is, what is the advantage to dynamic proxy based containers that would offset the performance penalty.

    Any comments or opinions that would help me learn more about this would be extremely welcome.



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    One reason for going for dynamic proxies could be a "pluggable" architecture to which you can easily introduce new services. It keeps the architecture flexible.