Evaluating profiling software, does anyone have any opinions on the following software?

1. Sitraka JProbe 4 Suite (Profiler)

2. Borland OptimizeIt 4.2 Suite (Profiler)

3. Precise i3 (Indepth/Insight/Inform/SmarTune) (runs in production mode (1%-4% impact), analysis from servlet call to sql execution (http response times, ejb execution times, sql execution times)

4. EJ-Technologies JProfiler.

I’m currently evaluating OptimizeIt and JProbe on WLS 6.1 SP3, JVM 1.3.1.b_24, Oracle 8i, Solaris 8 attached remotely with a W2K client.

Personally I've been impressed with previous versions of jprobe, but the new version has split the memory debugger and profiler into separate software packages. It is not possible to run both together. It also doesn't offer real time monitoring of the objects in the heap stack. The plus points are you can now compare snapshots and they’ve improved garbage monitoring. Overall JProbe is extremely intuitive and offers more features than it’s competitors, but v4.0 is still quite buggy and them seem to have taken a step back in what previous versions have offered (more revenue by splitting up the software I suppose).

OptimizeIt is still quite basic and and CPU profiler doesn’t seem to offer any real informative data about method execution time. Also viewing objects from the root doesn’t allow me to drill down.

Any opinions/experiences would be appreciated.