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    Hi All,
        Does someone make any benchmark for diferents XSLT/XML parsers vendors ?
    Which one hasthe best performance ?
    if you are using one XSLT/MXL package eg (Xalan/Xerces) and want to change to another vendor, the migration is transparent from the java code point of view ?.
    I need advices ?

    Thanks a lot !!!!

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    I've tried out Xerces/Xalan, Crimson/Xalan and Crimson/Saxon and have to say that Saxon seems like the best of the two when it comes to memory usage and performance. The XML parser I've used is Crimson, which is not that good on big documents. You might want to look into Piccolo, an open source SAX parser which supposedly is really fast on both small and big documents.

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    I forgot, if you're using the standard javax.xml.transform classes and interfaces and rely on the implentation handle the implementation classes then your Java code won't be affected. I switched from Xalan to Saxon seamlessly!

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    If you consider XML/XSLT development, I suggest you take a look at this product built by a few Cocoon enthousiasts: