Web Services Publishing Article on UDDI Posted


News: Web Services Publishing Article on UDDI Posted

  1. Web Services Publishing Article on UDDI Posted (1 messages)

    A new article on Web Services Publishing, by Zdenek Svoboda, has been posted. This article introduces the basic structure of UDDI, explains how it works, and walks the reader through exploring a live UDDI registry.

    Read Web Services Publishing.
  2. If you have any interest in UDDI and especially interested in registering web services from a WSDL document, take a look at the open source project I have started: wsdl4reg. This has been posted on sourceforge: wsdl4reg.sourceforge.net, source and binaries are available.
    Just to summarize the features, wsdl4reg allows one user to deploy a web service from a WSDL file. Wsdl4reg follows the UDDI.org and IBM recommendations for mapping a WSDL structure into a UDDI one. The tool maps as well the UDDI structure through the JAX-R API.
    The registration can be done using a command line utility or an ant task.
    This open source project uses most of Apache packages and make use of several GoF design patterns which make the tool extensible (Command, Event, ...). Still looking for developers, feedbacks, ...