Internet Explorer 5.5 looses Session Objects


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Internet Explorer 5.5 looses Session Objects

  1. I am working with IBM websphere 3.5.3 running on AIX.
    My application is regular Java/JSP/servlet development.
    While testing the application, it looses session values (not for all objects in the session but for few) when using IE 5.5, but the same works fine with IE 5.0.

    Did any one encountered a similar kind of browser problem
    Is it a browser problem or some thing to do with websphere
    fix pack or session-manager configuration

    let me know

    thanks for your help

  2. with the information given by you its really hard to figureout the problem. but a guess, check the scope and context (very important) for the pages referred in the session.I think there is no problem with the browser versions nor fix packs as such.
  3. I do not think this has anything to do with the browser version. Upgrade to Websphere version 4.0 . There are a lot of bugs fixed which were found in ver 3.5x. Also check your code . How do you declare your session in your servlets. You cannot have them as instance variables as then they are no longer thread safe.
  4. There is bug reported with session data in I.E 5.5

    The bug ID is...
    Q288993 Session Data Is Lost During POST to GET Redirect

    My problem is something similar to this

    The application works perfectly in I.E. 5.0 with the same set of data. It gives me confidence that there is no bug in the application sequence...or with the way I am handling
    the session

    I want to know If anyone has seen a similar kind of problem
    and wondering how to fix it