Arguments in favor of J2EE vs Other (specifically PHP) archs.


Performance and scalability: Arguments in favor of J2EE vs Other (specifically PHP) archs.

  1. Hello all,

    I have a client where I proposed (and carried out, with success) an entire system based on the full J2EE (JSP+Servlets+Struts-like MVC+Session+Entity 2.0) stack, a major undertaking that comprises a full-fledged CRM solution.

    However, I'm having difficulties nowadays, since the client has been hearing from other (competitor) sources that should he had chosed a PHP+DB solution the application would be much faster (of course!) and it would probably have been completed in much less time.

    Of course I delivered him the usual argument of maintainability, scalability, linear performance
    growth over an hardware cluster, etc. etc.

    The thing is: I'm a suspect party in my oppinions, since I'm promoting my own architecture and technology. I'd need some kind of third-party, neutral opinions.

    Does any of you possess pointers to URL of benchmarks, studies or whitepapers that I could show my client? This project is a real case-study, and, if it goes live in J2EE, if can become a good landmark for the whole Java community. I'd appreciate if you'd try to help.

    Best Regards,

  2. My opininion:
    Give clients what they want, but let them know what the pros and cons of the solution for J2EE or others.