hi !

we have a recent installation of the Oracle Portal on Windows 2000 and experiences a problem when trying to install the JPDK, here is what we have done:

1. install the Oracle 9IAS with the portal (why on earth did Oracle only ship half the installation program, a bit of work to be done to get the portal up and running ... )

2. installed the JPDK ( v1 ) according to the installation instructions, the /servlets/sample is up and running. (we also tried with JPDK v2 but experienced the same problem).

What happens is that when we try to register the SampleWebProvider on the Administer - Register Provider function we receive an unexpected error, nullpointer in some getNVPair method. It seems this is during build of the http header.

(I don't have the stack trace available now, therefore it is not included)

Any help would be appreciated

Anders Mathisen