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    I want to invoke javaBean from Jsp. I put jsp file in public Html and the javabean class in c:\weblogic\myserver\classess. And also uncooment and wrote necessary statements in file.

    after running the jsp file display the following error on browser

    class not found (beanclass) in c:\weblogic\myserver\servletclass\jsp_servleet;: servletclass.javabean name . class

    please help me about that..

    Bala Murali
  2. Try:
    1.Make sure you import the package containing your beans in
      the JSP.
      <%@page import="" %>

    If the above doesn't help, also try:
    2. Make sure you have 2 different classpaths, one seperate
       for servlets(servlet.classpath) and the other for
       beans and other weblogic classes(weblogic.classpath)
  3. Thanq for giving information