Can anyone share their experience/recommendations on using Weblogic over a WAN? We use WLS 6.1 SP2, Oracle 8, with Java swing client app. Client and WLS both run on Java 1.3.1.

This is for a trading application handling ~20000 transactions in an 8-hour day. In the event we deploy this over a WAN, the following types of interaction would happen across the WAN:
- Java clients make EJB calls to SLSBs.
- SLSBs and Weblogic startup classes publish JMS messages to Java clients. We use Weblogic JMS.

This application is already running in one site and needs to be rolled out to another. As always, there is pressure to deliver it yesterday, so I need to decide whether it is feasible (at least as a temporary measure) to deploy this over the WAN - i.e., have a single weblogic server for the clients from both sites. I can scale up the server hardware to handle the volumes - that's not my issue. It is specifically about WAN deployment.

We have pretty good (high bandwidth, high available) network links between the two sites. However, I am concerned about (a) doing transactional EJB calls over the WAN and (b) weblogic JMS performance/reliability over the WAN.

Any suggestions or opinions?