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    My current project is pure XML Messaging and involves use of MQ series. I never used MQSeries before but however,managed to get/put simple messages in my local queue using Java interface(s). But i need to use Clusters, Channels (and other features of MQ which probable i don't know) also for optimal use of MQ.
    Could anyone provide me some tutorial/url for related features. I tried a lot to find on net, but could not found good stuff.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello Somal,

    Here are some useful websites for MQSeries related info:

    Hope they are of help.

    Perween Zaman
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    You can use the MQSeries JMS implementations, and leave the details to configuration of MQSeries, or you can use MQ-Series' native Java interface.

    JMS gives you portability, re-usability, and all that good stuff. Be aware that you can configure your queues to add/strip the JMS header info if you're sending to/receiving from a non-Java client.