Orbeon announced last week the immediate availability of OXF (Open XML Framework) version 1.0. OXF is an XML processing framework suited for Web application and standalone application development. It comes with a complete implementation of the XML Pipeline Definition Language (XPL), a collection of XML processors, and documentation.

Visit the OXF home page:

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Benefits of developing with OXF include:

- Use of standard technologies: J2EE, XML and XSLT.
- Integration with existing applications using EJB and Web services.
- Providing the infrastructure to build modular applications with reusable XML components.
- Separating business and presentation logic using the popular MVC (Model / View / Controller) paradigm.
- Centralizing look and feel code to allow for more flexibility when business requirements change.
- Allowing developers to avoid the tedious J2EE development cycles (Save/Compile/Package/Deploy/Reload).
- Simplifying XML development to the extreme with XML processors, XML pipelines and the XML Pipeline Definition Language (XPL).
- Support for all application servers with a Servlet (2.2 or later) container.

Visit the OXF home page:

XML Pipelines white paper:

Implementation of the Pet Store with OXF:

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