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    Could anyone tell what is servlet engines/app servers are available on the market and what you would recommend. I've purchased IBM's WAS 3.5 and can't even get it installed w/o errors. I'm incredibly disappointed in the way it is working out. Any comments and recommendations are appreciated.
  2. My Favorite app server is by far
    Weblogic from BEA. it is rock solid.

    Other choices you have for app servers are
    ATG Dynamo and IBM Websphere
    You can find pretty good descriptions of app servers here

    As of Servlet Engine,
    for free you can get Tomcat (Apache Jakarta Project) (most of the app servers include their own, but if you only want a servlet/JSP engine this one is good


  3. What version of Java is it designed for? One of the problems I'm having w/ WebSphere is that it is so strict about which fixes of java, which os fixes, which db fixes. I've practically had to uninstall everything on my server and reinstall and it still won't run. Also, what is the price range of it?
  4. JDK 1.2.2 or JDK 1.3 for the latest Weblogic version.

    You can connect to any database using any JDBC driver available

  5. Thanks I'll take a look and see if they have a trial downlaod.
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    hi ,
      please also see the iplanet webserver/appserver is no less than any other....especially when it runs over solaris..
    any comments..