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General J2EE: Weblogic 7.0 crashes intermittently

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       We are running weblogic 7.0 with SP1 on Windows 2000 in production. I have a J2EE application packaged as ear file running on this server. This application used work fine with lower versions of Weblogic like 5.1. It started crashing intermittently in this new version(7.0). We are working with Weblogic support on this, but we have not got any significant breakthrough on this, since none of log files(application log or weblogic logs) gives hints about the crash. Usually server crashes approximately once in 3-4 days. Weblogic is using Sun's JVM(V 1.3.1_03) and we are running the server as Windows service(the same happens when we run on command line also!).

    If any of u seen/experienced or have any idea/clues with this weblogic problem, please let me know. An urgent reply on this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Are there any errors when WL crashes.

    Is it running out of memory?

    What are the -ms -mx options when starting weblogic?
  3. Could you tell when exactly its happening like when deploying EAR? or when client calls some ejbs? more details, greatly appreciated

  4. Our server is not running out of memory. Our mem. settings are Xms32m -Xmx200m. Also we cant make out when exactly it crashes, the whole application will be working fine for few days which includes access to EJBs, JMS, file handles accessing/closing etc etc. It crashes suddenly without giving any clues. Weblogic server is running on single CPU box on Win. 2000 and we dont have weblogic clusters. Also our application running on weblogic accesses services of another engine running on another machine, which is not affecting our application in this context, that I am pretty clear. We are using weblogic connection pool connecting to Oracle with its OCI driver and we are taking care of freeing connection after its use.