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    IN JBuilder 6.0 Running EJBC(Weblogic 6.1) on the jar file is giving me this error:

    "abcd.ejbgrp":ERROR:Error from ejbc:
    "abcd.ejbgrp":In the WorkUpdateEJB, a session or entity bean that has a remote home must be given a JNDI name is the welogic-ejb-jar.xml descriptor file.
    "abcd.ejbgrp":ERROR: ejbc found errors.

    WorkUpdateEJB is the first EJB in the descirptor file. If I remove that it is complaining about the next one.

    It was worked well Yesterday. Something I did should have messed it up.

    Any ideas ?


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    Its me again.
    I am able to fix this problem by overriding the Descriptor files with old ones.

    All this happened because, I opened the project in JBuilder7.0 and compiled it.(Build failed though). Then I went back to the JBuilder 6.0 and I think the descriptors were already messed up.

    I am still not able to run ejbc in Jbuilder 7.0. same error as in my original message.

    did anybody who switched from Jbuilder6 to 7 faced this problem ?