Today (November 12, 2002) Novell made an XForms Technology Preview freely available to the public. This Preview is released in conjunction with the W3C’s release of the Candidate Recommendation for the XForms 1.0 standard. The XForms Technology Preview is a Java implementation of the Candidate Recommendation. It provides developers with an easy-to-use, hands-on introduction to XForms. The Preview is available for download at

XForms is the next generation standard designed to replace the HTML forms we use today. XForms improve on HTML forms in the following areas
· XML-based, strongly typed submission increases data integrity
· Reusable schemas improve developer productivity and time to market
· XML 1.0 standard provides ease of internationalization
· Abstract controls reduce complexity of development for multiple devices
· Predefined Event Handlers require less scripting

Novell's XForms Technology Preview comes with a number of examples illustrating many features of the new XForms standard. The workings of the key examples are explained in detail in an accompanying tutorial. The XForms tutorial is available for download at
The online demo of the XForms Technology Preview is available at

Corey Jackson
Product Manager
Novell, Inc.