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    I think several meta-something patterns were submitted to the Patterns section. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, and now they seem to have disappeared. What's going on?


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    I believe these patterns were the same, just posted three times, and weren't real patterns. We try to keep the pattern repository as clean as possible.


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    I have often argued the the patterns section should be moderated, categorized and structured. However, I think removing all traces of a particular post is a bad idea because:
    1. The community can't discuss it. Some times an original post is too specific to be considered a design pattern, but further abstraction by the community can change this.
    2. Its rude to the person who posts the patterns. He/she did spend the time and effort to describe what he/she thinks is a usefull pattern and post it for the community's use. I think you should at the very least move it to some appropriate discussion forum (in fact I remember atleast one occasion where Floyd did this based on input from the community).

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    You are correct. Since I didn't delete the patterns I don't want to talk for who did.... but they may well have emailed the person to talk about it. We often email authors and ask them to flush out their ideas and then repost etc. (e.g. on news posts, to get more meat in them for the developers)
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    Very well. Thanks for your prompt reply.

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    Gal, I deleted them because they were too sparse and basically linked to larger writeups on a different website. So you see, there is some quality control going on here. :)

     I did contact the author to tell him why, and asked him to re-submit the patterns again under a different form.

     I agree that we should keep some around, but not in the current form of how the patterns section is implemented (which gives equal visibility to both real patterns and stuff that might not belong here). We're planning some changes that will create a 'protopattern' section for new patterns, and the best of which will be upgraded to the proper pattern section after some community discussion/moderation. Lots of this is based on your feedback actually.

     We will involve you in that process when it starts, since you have been such an active member.