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EJB design: Get remote handle without lookup (SOS)

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    In our system there are sereral EJB. We have identified that 2 beans will always be deployed on the single apps server. To communicate bertween these two also we have to lookup ( which is unnecessary) Can the 2 beans talk to each other without lookup. Is there a way to get remote handle without jndi lookup.

    Can anybody guide on this
  2. I do not think so, but on a single server overhead will neglidgeble. To make things easier, you do not have to supply any parameters to 'new InitialContext()' - all enviroment is provided by the container (1.1 that is).
  3. If you are looking to reduce the overhead of JNDI lookup, you can cache the EJBHome reference. In some Application Servers like WebSphere, you can secify if the bean-to-bean interaction is local to optimize the JNDI lookup.