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    Can anybody let me know how to get active node count in a cluster. i.e. Does J2ee provides any solution for this ? I read that there is some servlet api thru which u can get the count of active nodes in a cluster.
    Let me know if anybody has any idea on this...

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    There's no built in clustering concept in J2EE. Servers such as WebLogic provide clustering support, and you can even get a server list via WebLogic's own MBeans. If you want a portable solution that works with any J2EE server, use Coherence. It provides a very easy API for obtaining a list of the servers in the cluster.


    Cameron Purdy
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    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    hi cameron

    thanks for your quick response..
    Can u plz let me know wot is coherence and how can i use it..
    aur any link where i can get quick help on this..

    will of gr8 help..

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    Hi Cameron,

    I have gone thru the documentation, it says that coherence can help in New node detection, death detection, failover. But no resources as how to achieve this..

    Can u help me out..
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    You may also consider using JavaGroups. It may be a little bit overhead, but you really get a sophisticated stack for all kinds of group communication. Warning: The configuration of a stack isn't easy ;)