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    Why does JBoss suck so much? I mean, the documentation is written by foreigners to the English language and lack writing skills period. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not against anyone writing free documentation. But these people don't even having any authoring ability whatsoever. Some of the sections just don't even make any sense. They talk about templates and don't tell you where to first look for it. The talk about this and that and never follow the principle "tell them what you are going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them". There are a bunch of other quirks with the documentation that just make it very low quality.

    "That's what the paid documentation is for". So you give out crap documentation to make us buy the documentation for over a hundred dollars? We can buy technical books for $30. Isn't that slightly overpriced? How do I even know the paid documentation isn't written by the same people?

    The server itself is also slow, the configuration files are messy and it doesn't even come with the scripts to install it as a service (what gives?) - we have to do this ourselves, not to mention we can't copy and paste the instructions since it's PDF. Even then, they don't work because they are incorrect (poor documentation).

    JBoss has some serious issues. I understand it's open source, but the whole "we hold back the documentation" isn't very open at all. In fact, it's a step backwards from open-source.

    Good things? Well, it's up to date and it does run out of the box, but that's about it. The speed is so terrible that I can't make much use of it anyway unless I expect 1 person to be visiting my extranet at a time - and no way that is going to happen.

    Sorry JBoss, but Resin and Orion look so much better from where I am standing.

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    There are several things where Orionserver is pretty good at - but certainly it fails in terms of documentation.

    Just wondering...
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    Yeah, the documentation isn't that great but $30 is far cheaper than what you would pay for WebShere.

    For me, Jboss isn't that slow, I have it running at home on a P266 with 64 Ram - Linux without X running.

    Sure there arn't many projects running on it, but how much speed do you need? Hay with the $30000 per cpu for other app servers, why not by a bunch of pc's and cluster Jboss together, surely that would be fast enough.

    Said in good humour with little practical experence ;)