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    In addition to application server reviews, you could also have project reviews as well. Many times when developers would like to use j2ee, they are overwhelmed with all the open-source frameworks and apis that are available. I think if we had a review repository for all these frameworks and apis (sorted by version as well), then it would go a long to way to choosing a framework that is best for the job in one easy place.

    Do you think this is worth doing? It would have helped me a great deal.

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    For what it's worth, I think this is a most excellent idea.
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    The reviews section is going to get a *major* overhaul.
    It will encompass ideas such as yours, and will be a place for all sorts of reviews.

    Thanks for the idea
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    I'd even offer to write many of the reviews as well for the frameworks & tools that I have used and/or am using now. I mean, a person can spends weeks just figuring out what they want to do. A respository would go a long way to many these choices more efficiently and confidently without wasting valuable time that you could have actually making the project itself.
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    Ken, this is a great idea. this setion will take frameworks and tools ,for Example, IDEs. I hope that theserverside will read your post and consider it, and I am also welling to write reviews to the products I used.

    Ken, Thank you ;-)